Listen to Lia Vissi’s rare English version of her participating song in Eurovision 1985, “It’s too late now”!

This article is the English version of the Greek article

translated in English by TINA REFENES

The year is 1985.  I have taken the bus to the Centre of Athens to take a stroll around the area and to visit my favourite record stores looking for new releases.  A teenager then, with a tremendous love for music, this outing was the best thing ever for me.  So, now and then, I would collect my savings and embark on a journey to the Centre to buy new records. 
In those days Internet and instant information on new releases was not available, so you took a stroll to the record stores to see what was new.  I will never forget how excited I was every time I started searching through the rows of “new releases”!   

A collage showing the logos of the most important record stores of the time!
photo source:

I usually bought my records from specific stores like “To Diskadiko tis Athinas”, but I always walked to all the others to look through their windows. 

On this particular morning of 1985 when I got off the bus at the “National Technical University of Athens bus station”, I walked across the road to the “Music Centre” store and looking through their window, I was greatly shocked by what was on display!  Two 45 rmp records newly released by “PolyGram Greece”, being Greece and Cyprus’ entries in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.  Takis Biniaris 7″ single with the Greek entry “Miazoume” and Lia Vissi’s 7″ single with the Cyprus entry “To Katalava Arga”!

The two 45s which I finally bought on that day.  I used numbered stickers on all my records, and kept a written index of my record library in a notebook. (We didn’t have PCs then).

I was rather shocked by what I saw because Greek recording companies had stopped releasing 7″ singles in favour of LP records, so this was quite a rare sight!  I adored buying singles and I always felt sad that I had not lived at the time when LP records didn’t exist, when 7″ singles were fashionable and music lovers visited record stores searching for 45 rmp records instead of LPs!  I remember counting my money and even though I didn’t have enough left over to continue with my shopping, I went into the store and bought the two singles, leaving myself with just enough for my return ticket home – well okay.. and also to buy a delicious cheese pie from my favourite bakers “Makedonikon” – if you visit the centre of Athens now, you will find it still standing on the same corner of Solonos and Ippokratous!

Before returning home, I walked around to all the other record stores to browse through their new releases, and surprisingly none of them had the two singles for sale!  I did ask one store keeper why he didn’t stock them, and he said, “Who is interested in buying 45 rpms these days?  Whoever wants the songs will buy Biniaris or Vissi’s LP after the Contest.”
In fact, an LP with Lia Vissi’s “To Katalava Arga” was never released, while Biniaris released a whole album titled “Miazoume”.

I played and listened to the songs immediately I arrived home.  As I said before, instant access to information was not available and there was no National Final that year, so we didn’t know anything about the songs.

I heard and liked both songs very much and I was delighted to discover on the flipside of Lia Vissi’s single, the English version of the participating song entitled “It’s too late now”!  The lyrics were written by the Greek singer, Robert Williams.

The back covers of the two 7″ singles.

The Contest took place and the songs didn’t do very well, finishing in 16th place (Cyprus) and in 17th place (Greece).

 Lia Vissi’s appearance with the Greek Cypriot entry “To katalava Arga” on the night of the Final.

Takis Biniaris song was heard quite a lot in Greece in contrast with Lia Vissi’s which was not successful and passed by almost unnoticed by Greek music events. 

Years later and with the help of the Internet, I discovered that these are two of the rarest singles of Greek and Cypriot Eurovision participation, and both have been sold at very high prices.  A look at the site shows Lia Vissi’s single selling for 416€ and Biniaris’ single reaching up to 160€.

Vissi’s 7″ single showing a sale price of up to 430€ according to
Takis Biniaris 7″ single showing a sale price of up to 160€ according to

Vissi’s single is considered more collectable as it includes the English version of the song, which to date has not been uploaded to YouTube or onto any other music platform. 

For all fans of Eurovision and Greek discography rarities, I am pleased to say that this rare version can now be found on my channel, Kosdil – Dilzas Says and Shares.

Out of all the Greek and Cypriot Eurovision entries this is one of my favourite English versions, and I have been listening to it for years.  I am now happy to share it with all of you and I hope you will enjoy it too! 

The rare English version of Cyprus’ participation in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest.

Do enjoy “It’s too late now” and stay tuned for more Eurovision rarities that will be coming to your favourite blog.

Extra 1. The undersigned with the rare single of Cyprus’ participation in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest.

Extra 2.
Lia Vissi together with Yiannis Tiliouris, Stelios Goulielmos, Krini Paphitou and Nicki Vissi posing for a promotion photo. 

The rare English version of Cyprus’ participation in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest.

Extra 3.
The English lyrics of “It’s too late now” written by Robert Williams

Another day has passed without a meaning
Since you left, I’ve had this funny feeling
My heart is dying, can’t make it all alone
I’ve tried my best to please you, but you’re gone

How can I go through another day on my own?
I can’t accept the fact that I’m alone
I feel too tired and weak to fight the stream
I need your love to give my life a meaning

I’m confused and I feel empty since you left me
I have lost all joy or meaning in my life
I’m still living with your memories all around me
But, my love, it’s too late now to start again

How can I go through another night on my own?
Feels like the end of a beautiful song
And who can tell whether I was right or wrong
Still, it makes no difference, ’cause you’re gone

I’m confused and I feel empty since you left me
I have lost all joy or meaning in my life
I’m still living with your memories all around me
But, my love, it’s too late now to start again

I’m still living with your memories all around me
But, my love, it’s too late now to start again.

Extra 4.
You will find two mistakes on the back cover of the single.  The title of the song is written as “It’s to late now” instead of “It’s too late now” and Robert Williams, who wrote the lyrics, is not mentioned. 

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